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We scan and digitize large and small documents and return to you in an accessible format.  We protect and safely store your files, thereby helping you reduce business costs, improve efficiency, security and compliance.

Our Vision
To be the foremost information and records management provider in Africa.
Mission Statement
To consistently enhance learning and records management with added value to stakeholders.
Core Values

Innovation for promoting a worldwide passion for acquisition and preservation of information.

 Transform the way you work and improve efficiency.”

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Once a document has been scanned, it is indexed to create searchable content, making it simple for employees to quickly locate, access and share documents in seconds.

Reduce Storage Costs

If you are currently storing your archive documents in container storage, a warehouse, or outbuilding, scanning your documents will reduce the cost of your off-site storage.

Free Up Office Space

Scanning your documents allows you to make better use of the space in your office. You will no longer need the filing cabinets, boxes of files and overflowing cupboards that are crowding your workplace.

Security & Compliance

A paper-based filing system leaves your documents open to being misplaced, lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Scanning and digitizing your documents provides increased security and enables you to meet compliance and record retention regulations with ease.

Document Sharing

Digital documents can be stored in one central repository where they can be accessed by staff in multiple devices across the business.

Business Continuity

In the event of a theft, fire or flood, there is no risk of losing your scanned documents and the business-critical information they contain.

Our Process



We arrange for your files to be collected and delivered securely.


Your files are scanned and digitized using the latest scanning technology.


We remove any additional items e.g. paper clips, staples, etc.

Digital Storage & Delivery

Once files have been scanned, they are saved to your choice of digital storage - Document Management System, Cloud Storage, CDROM/DVD*, USB*, HDD*.

Quality Control

All scanned files undergo quality control monitoring to ensure high-quality digital files are supplied.
Documents Scanned
Businesses Digitized

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