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Havilah Group Chairman Urges Completion of National Library Complex for a Reading Nigeria and Pledges N50m Worth Of Books.

By June 23, 2023Blog

In a passionate plea to the Federal Government, Havilah Group’s Chairman and CEO, Lanre Adesuyi, has called for the urgent completion of the National Library complex, which has remained unfinished for several years. Adesuyi made this appeal during the flag-off ceremony of the 2023 Readership Promotion Campaign, jointly organized by the National Library and the Ministry of Education.

Highlighting the Need for Completion:

Expressing deep concern, Adesuyi emphasized the prolonged abandonment of the National Library building project by past governments, labeling it a shame and a reproach to the nation. He earnestly appealed to the President Bola Tinubu-led administration to prioritize the completion of the complex without delay. Adesuyi further stressed the importance of enhancing the National Library’s impact on the lives of the people, urging the government to invest more in its development.

Reviving Nigeria’s Reading Culture:

Adesuyi lamented the meager annual budget allocated for book purchases in Nigeria, noting that it falls short of 100 million naira. He juxtaposed this with the extravagant spending on projects of minimal benefit to the citizens. Recognizing the significance of a thriving reading culture, he called upon Nigerians to introspect and strive for knowledge and new insights, asserting that it is crucial for the nation’s growth and progress.

Havilah Group’s Commitment to a Reading Nigeria:

In an unwavering commitment to fostering a reading Nigeria, Adesuyi announced Havilah Group’s pledge to donate N50 million worth of books to the National Library. The books will be distributed primarily to children, particularly those in rural areas with limited access to quality reading materials. Adesuyi highlighted the importance of providing equal opportunities for every child to explore the world of literature and gain knowledge.

A Call for Perseverance:

Acknowledging the efforts of those involved in the struggle to complete the National Library complex, Adesuyi urged them to persevere and continue their pursuit. He emphasized that the completion of the library is a legacy that will lay the foundation for a brighter future, making it a cause worth sacrificing for.


Lanre Adesuyi’s impassioned appeal to the Federal Government to prioritize the completion of the National Library complex underscores the significance of promoting a reading Nigeria. The Havilah Group Chairman’s call for increased investment in literacy, the revitalization of the nation’s reading culture, and the provision of quality reading materials to all children reflects a deep commitment to the growth and development of the nation. As Havilah Group contributes to this cause through their generous book donation, it serves as an inspiring example for other organizations to follow in fostering a society where knowledge and learning thrive.

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