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Solutions for Law Firms

Organize, Edit, Protect and Digitize

Legal departments need to be agile and up-to-date in today’s technological age. The need for efficiency and effectiveness is essential in the face of ever-increasing cases, injustice, Government regulations and policies. Modernize your legal operations with an automated approach.

Our team of experts will help with the following:
  • Implement accurate digital processing for the legal department to improve productivity.
  • Quickly and reliably identify, review comments and sign off on documents.
  • Organize legal documents such as contracts, wills, deeds, business deals/ Agreements and written evidence and properly sort them into our acid-free boxes with labels, to ensure easy retrieval
  • Shelve and secure overwhelming evidence, information/cases that have been adjourned, awaiting appeal or acquittal etc.
  • Scan and digitize legal documents across multiple formats.
  • Shredding: Permanently and irreversibly remove privileged and sensitive information that is no longer useful to the department

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