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Books & Journal Procurement

We are a bookstore located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

As a bookstore, we are not dedicated to one publisher; we sell books and journals from an array of publishers, including publications by budding writers.

Our book procurement services primarily target educational institutions (secondary schools and universities within and outside Nigeria). We also provide procurement services to professional organizations and institutions in the following industries: advertising, law (legal services), finance, engineering, management, maritime, health & allied health, medical services, etc., for federal, state, and local government agencies. We supply books in bulk for every organization and also in smaller quantities to individual customers. We also have open doors to the general public as a "just-in-time" bookstore where customers can browse and buy books on the same day.

Success Factors

  1. Competitive prices
  2. We support giving budding authors the chance for their books to be displayed.
  3. We have a wide selection of books and journals from a great list of publishers particularly in the USA & UK.

We procure books of all genres: non-fiction (biographies, reference materials, religion, self-help, DIY, educational books, etc.) Fiction (children’s books, action & adventure, young adult, romance, horror, mystery/thriller, sci-fi and fantasy).

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