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We’re a Catalyst for Educational Change

At Havilah Group, we understand that education is vital to a country’s economic growth and success. We also recognise that the value we teach in the development of our children will provide the foundation of excellent and selfless leadership. Additionally, we believe that the true and complete measure of growth and success of any business is reflected in the difference they make in their immediate environment and fast-growing population.

Havilah Group has contributed to diverse educational institutions since its inception. The CSR priority for Havilah Group is improving the reading culture in the growing child.


  • Alfurqan International Academy (Books donation) (2021)
  • Lagos State University of Education (2022)
  • University of Jos (2022)
  • University of Lagos library
  • University of Lagos (2020) COVID-19 palliatives
  • Bishop Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State
  • Centre for Destitute Empowerment International, Lagos State (2021)
  • Christ Apostolic Church, Ado Ekiti

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