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Library Development & Solution

Our library services provide problem-solving solutions to improve records management and digitization in libraries. They range from library shelving systems to software and hardware applicable to the library environment.

Library solution

Shelving Systems

  • Static Shelving system:Designed with screwless panels to ensure the protection of content on the shelves. Provides a safe and damage-free environment for your libraries and warehouses. Customizable and available in different colours.
  • Electrical Shelving System: For space saving and storage solutions across business sectors. Increases storage capacity by 70% and controls unauthorized access. Customizable and available in different colours.
  • Mechanical Shelving System: Accommodates growth and improves workflow, organization and productivity. Customizable and available in different colours.

Library Furniture, Equipment and tools

Libraries today need space for social interaction, knowledge exchange and technology. In Havilah, we provide diverse library tools and equipment that accommodate these needs. Our library furniture section contains products that are suited for university libraries, primary and secondary school libraries as well as public libraries. These products range from our Bryunzeel easy-to-reach steel shelves which are durable, several types of reading carrels, library chairs and trolleys to modernize and make your reading comfortable.

eBooks & eJournals (EBSCO):

We support local and regional institutions to achieve global standards and maintain sustainable development with EBSCO Virtual Libraries, the leading enterprise for digital library software and accessories including database hosting across all subject areas

Library Management Software

The following are the major advantages of library management Software.

  • The library software is user-friendly (easy-to-use)
  • It offers 24/7 access to the library resources.
  • Provides functionalities like acquisition, cataloguing, serial control, etc.
  • Highly secure and efficient library database management
  • Provides greater efficiency of work processes & saves time of the librarian
  • Cost-effective software for library and can be configured as per requirements

Our service delivery is supported by our partners and suppliers from around the globe to deliver the best library development services. Our partnership with Bruynzeel Storage Systems ensures that records management and space-saving in our libraries is a priority, enabling us to provide top-notch upgrades to obsolete libraries.

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