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When you work with us as a partner, you become a vital member of our strongly committed family that is driven by a passion to offer solutions that stabilize and empower thousands of organizations to achieve their goals every day.

Do you want to advance with a company that:
  • Provides the best quality for industry solutions
  • Is reliable and committed
  • Is passionate about her customer satisfaction
  • Is intentional about her relationship with partners
  • Doesn’t compromise on quality for best results
  • Has worked with top-ranking firms from all over the world
  • Is the foremost records management company in Nigeria
  • Is highly skilled and has years of experience
Then, here is your chance to grow with us and earn big.
You can pick any of the partnership type according to your capability.

Havilah Group Affiliate

As an individual or a business, you are assured immense gain when you stand in our stead as an additional voice for any of our offerings and broker profitable relationships with organizations on our behalf.

Strategic Partner

Let’s expand our businesses together by pooling our knowledge and resources, invading markets as a team, offering support, dividing costs and risks fairly, and allocating profits fairly—all while maintaining our autonomy.

What Does Partnering with Us Mean for You?

You stand to benefit, among other things:

  • Massive rewards and loyalty bonuses
  • Access only to profitable market data that has been shown to impose product scalability
  • Geographic business expansion and growth
  • Accelerated increases in market share and revenue
  • A competitive advantage over rivals in the market
  • Long-term commercial connection with minimal risk
    access to regular training sessions, lectures, webinars, and other empowering resources.
  • Deliver the supporting materials you will need for your marketing campaigns.
  • If necessary, make skilled staff available to accompany you when giving presentations.
  • Where necessary, provide support and recommendation letters, etc.
  • Periodic evaluations and sound recommendations for improvement

Partnership Request Form