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Unforgettable Moments: Our Experience at the Bruynzeel Marketing Conference, Netherlands.

By June 19, 2023Blog


At Havilah Group, we believe in continuously expanding our knowledge and exploring new opportunities to enhance our business interests. Recently, our Managing Director, along with the Executive Director and the Head of Projects, had the privilege of attending the Bruynzeel Marketing Conference in the Netherlands. The event, which took place on the 10th and 11th of May, 2023,

provided us with valuable insights into product innovation, marketing strategies, factory processes, and the repositioning of Havilah Group in the market. In this blog post, we will take you through our experience and the key takeaways from this remarkable conference.

Product Innovation:
The Bruynzeel Marketing Conference emphasized not only the renowned Bruynzeel storage system but also introduced us to the Delta of USA product. We were particularly intrigued by a protective cabinet showcased at the Bruynzeel office in Panningen, Netherlands. This cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of architectural drawings, making it an excellent opportunity for us to promote this product to State Surveyor-Generals. We are excited about the potential impact it can have on our business.

Marketing Strategy:
The conference sessions focused on various aspects of the Bruynzeel storage system. We delved into topics such as the Compactus high mobile shelving system, enhanced safety features, and the mechanical and electronic systems. Additionally, there was a special emphasis on marketing strategies for the museum market, which is an untapped market in Nigeria. We recognized the importance of building relationships with collection managers and procurement officers and understanding their needs to effectively promote our offerings in the museum sector.

Digital Marketing:
Bruynzeel’s successful digital marketing efforts were discussed, particularly in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). We were encouraged to leverage these strategies to increase product awareness and drive sales. The Bruynzeel team kindly offered to visit our website, provided a critique, and offered technical advice. We are excited to follow up on this opportunity and explore how we can optimize our online presence using Google Analytics and lead generation forms.

Understanding of the Factory Processes:
A comprehensive tour of the Bruynzeel factory showcased their precise and efficient production processes. With increasing automation and reduced human involvement, Bruynzeel ensures a minimal margin for error in delivering orders. This firsthand experience gave us a deeper understanding of the meticulous processes behind their exceptional products.

Repositioning Havilah Group’s Business Interest:
During the conference, we engaged with key stakeholders, including the Managing Director of Bruynzeel, the Chief Financial Officer, and Sallah, who is responsible for the Nigeria market. We discussed exciting opportunities aligned with Havilah Group’s projects, including the National Library, CBN Archive, in-house stock orders, and other potential collaborations. We are thrilled that the Bruynzeel management team expressed interest in these projects, and we look forward to further discussions during Sallah’s visit to Nigeria in July 2023.

Social Engagement and Distributors’ Award:
In addition to the enriching conference sessions, we also had the opportunity to connect on a personal level. The evening of May 11th, 2023, was dedicated to appreciating the former Area Manager, Mr. Rob Francis, for his contributions. Our Managing Director played a significant role by presenting a unique bottle of wine as a token of our appreciation. Though we missed out on this year’s Distributors’ Award, we are determined to bounce back in 2024 by executing inspiring initiatives and innovative projects.

The Bruynzeel Marketing Conference was an enlightening and inspiring experience for Havilah Group. We gained valuable insights into product innovation, marketing strategies, factory processes, and repositioning our business interests. We are excited to implement what we have learned and explore new opportunities to enhance our presence in the market. The conference served as a catalyst for growth, and we are confident that our efforts will lead to exciting projects and achievements in the coming years.

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